What is Yoga?

to bring together, to unite

Yoga is an ancient discipline which promotes mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Its origins are found in India and Hinduism but it can be practiced anywhere and by anyone—of any faith or none.

In the West, there is a strong focus on practicing physical postures (asana) but this is only one small part of the yoga tradition.  However the idea of practice is central to all of yoga.  Yoga is something that is essentially experiential. Through yoga we cultivate the art of being in the here and now.

During posture practice, we link our minds to our bodies by paying special attention to our breathing.  This helps us to focus on staying in the present.

The practice of yoga is a lifelong discipline. Poses can always be made harder (or easier). Perfection is not the goal. Instead, as Patanjali said 1600 years ago in the Yoga Sutras, the point of yoga is ‘to still the fluctuations of the restless mind.’