Ajara: ageless, ever young

ageless yoga

Yoga is an important practice at every age. But it becomes even more important to practice as we get older. The physical practice keeps muscles strong and joints supple. Combining postures with focused breathing also improves circulation, digestion and the functioning of the nervous system.  The strength, flexibility and balance practiced in the physical postures also results in a strong, flexible and balanced mind. The body and mind are equipped with the tools needed to age gracefully.

Jenni’s approach to practicing yoga centres on the idea of kriya yoga, as described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. This type of yoga is for people who may otherwise be distracted—in other words, most of us!

Kriya yoga consists of three elements: discipline (tapas), self study (svadhyaya) and acceptance of where we are (isvara pranidhana). Students practice tapas when they show up to class.  They practice svadhyaya as they pay attention to what they can do with their bodies and how far they can go.  They practice isvara pranidhana when they reach the edge of their ability and not try to push beyond it.

Jenni happily teaches students of all levels of ability and experience. All bodies are very welcome.